Aquarium Heater







Product: Aquarium / fish tank automatic constant temperature heating rod

Material: quartz glass

Color: as shown

Temperature range: 18-34℃

Voltage: 220-240v

Size: 165mm / 165mm / 215mm / 275mm / 325mm

Power: 50W / 100W / 200W / 300W / 500W

Type: with protective cover

Power cord length: 1.2m

Function: LCD Display Digital Constant Temperature Control

Suitable for: fresh water and sea water.

Plug: AU / EU / UK plug, if you need other type of plug, please leave a message when you place the order or contact us directly.



1. Accurate constant temperature, 18-34℃ free adjustment.

2. Anti-collision protection case to avoid heating collision and burn, protect the fish.

3. Submersible, waterproof double insulation, durable and safe design.

4. With temperature display, with temperature probe at the bottom of heating rod, precise temperature control.

5. The compact design does not take up space in the fish tank and is more beautiful.

6. External temperature control switch for convenient temperature control.


Package include

1 x Aquarium heating rod



1. Must be used for diving and not allowed to be exposed outside.

2. Regional differences can affect the same power heater effect in different places will be different

3. It is not recommended to place it in a place where the water flow is very urgent or it will cause heat loss.

4. The closer the heating rod is, the higher the water temperature

5. The water temperature in the aquarium varies from day to day and night.

6. The heating rod power is better for the corresponding fish tank

7. For fresh water and sea water.



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